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Is it possible to digitize and verify every art object ever made? Verisart, a new site co-founded by Robert Norton, previously chief executive officer of two online art-commerce sites, Saatchi Online and Sedition, is going to try.

The digital startup hopes to chronicle original artworks, prints, multiples, and books by using block chain, thereby assigning each object a (hopefully) unassailable certificate of authenticity. Each object’s provenance, in turn, is created step-by-step by its owners, who add their e-mail addresses to an object’s data when they purchase one. In the project’s second phase, down the road, Norton plans to catalogue older artwork by extending the verification service to online sites and artists’ estates. Eventually, he hopes to work with appraisers and insurers to add works that have already been validated.

We’re in the process of doing something similar, on a less ambitious scale. We want to use the notary service to publish semantic web URIs that resolve to RDF Graphs carrying the metadata for, in our case, edition data and provenance of Minkiz cool prints:




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