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Contact details: None

There are no contact details. There’s no-one to contact. It’s just us chickens.

There is no central authority, no Head Office, no “Management”, no “Powers That Be”, no-one.

For advice, see VCoin’s original announcement on and the current discussion thread on bitcointalk

To report issues experienced with the installation or running of the software of the the application/wallet, raise an issue ticket in the vcoin Github repository. To report issues experienced with the content/functioning of this web site, raise an issue ticket in the separate Github repository for the site content.

There may, or may not, be anyone signed on to the #vcoin IRC channel. One day, there might even be an XMPP service.

Caveat emptor, vendor, et, al.

In a “community-driven value transfer system”, the freedom from a central point of control is accompanied by the freedom from a centrally-operated customer service / complaints programme.

And things don’t always run smoothly, as a real-life example shows — the exchange owner here is asking the developer to persuade the community to cover the exchange’s losses …

Hey […],

I’ve been trying to unwind a bunch of bad transactions… It looks like we have deposits dating back almost a month that somehow were orphaned? There are also a bunch of bad deposits starting from Monday. Do you guys have a foundation or something that can help us recover coins? It looks like we’re out about 42k in bad deposits. I’ve resynced now but can’t reopen until we make our balance whole.

Thanks, Richie

In this case there was no Foundation to pick up the pieces; public-spirited members of community took the hit, something which hints at the kind of positive ethos that is achievable.

Recap ..

Local office

VCoin project HQ

Please address your letters to VCoin project HQ, Unit 47 Atacama Ind. Estate, Atacama.

VCoin Project Office

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Construction to start on new VCoinHQ (for release Jan. 2030)

Construction is to begin on the new VCoin HQ, sited on the edge of the Ronald Reagan Memorial Desert, Va.


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