About VCoin

About the VCoin project

The VCoin project is an open source, peer-to-peer, pseudonymous, community-driven value transfer system (a crypto-currency). It allows individuals to make payments and transfer value without needing to seek permission or evade censorship.

It’s a community project and so relies for its continued existence on the principle of self-interested contribution.

VCoin’s origin

VCoin was announced to the cryptocointalk forum on 13th May 2015. The OP’s profile reads “Country:Japan”, make of that what you will.


Bitcointalk subscriber chrisvl re-posted the details to bitcointalk.org. A week or two later the OP’s activity ceased.

Subsequent support and development has been in the form of ad hoc contributions made independently by various interested Bitcointalk subscribers.

The original Github repository has since been forked and development now proceeds in several different forks on Github, including this one.

the V construct, an emergent collective intelligence

V is an emergent collective intelligence. At first glance that might seem a bit far-fetched but we are talking about a cryptocurrency.

The emergence of a collective intelligence is almost unique in altcoins because the vital sense of collective identity is usually prevented from blossoming by the distorting undue influence of the developer.

All I am doing is pointing to a strong correspondence between the description of a Teal organisation and the description of a peer-to-peer networked cryptocurrency. I provide full sources. Same goes for the argument that V is a “collective intelligence”.

You can make up your own mind how plausible you find the argument — you can even do your own further research on the nuts and bolts. If you do gain some insights, then please share them.

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