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V is a cryptocurrency, a value transfer system for home and business use.

It is an open source, peer-to-peer, pseudonymous, community-driven value transfer system that allows people to make payments and transfer value without needing to seek permission or evade censorship.

With V, you can make faster, easier and cheaper transfers. Transfers are facilitated and protected through strong cryptography and “many-eyes” processing. This allows minimal processing fees and avoids the steep charges of conventional bank transfers.

V can help you create new wealth by enabling you to build business confidence with value transfers that are settled irrevocably, globally, in moments.

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“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence ― It is to act with yesterday’s logic.” Peter Drucker

Explore the future with V

Yeah, the future. It matters, y’know.

They screwed up the economy, royally. And they’re still at it, still part of the problem. Odds are they’ll screw it up again. And soon.

Is there anything we can do other than stand idly by? Yes, there is. We can discard the failed models of yesteryear and start looking forward, not back.

Hence V, an experimental cryptocurrency that has been forged into a working instrument for helping people create a more equitable future for themselves.

V is an open source, peer-to-peer, pseudonymous, community-driven value transfer system. It allows individuals to make payments and transfer value without needing to seek permission or evade censorship.

Features and key points

Open Source

The software that runs the V network is free and open source. Anyone can review and improve the code.


The V network is maintained and validated by the community who uses it. There is no centrally-controlling bank or corporation.


There is no sign-up or user system in the V network. Users use cryptography to create keys which control "coins"/VCNs at randomly generated addresses.

Community Driven

V exists only through the contribution and support of the community. Because there can be no centrally-controlling authority, V will die, along with all the kittens, without the collective support of the community.

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“No government will ever support a virtual currency that goes around borders”

Jamie, JPMorgan Chase CEO

“A virtual currency that goes around borders is beyond government overreach.”

Minki, Avatar at Large

we hold a blueprint for how we can organize entities in ways that make work vastly more productive, fulfilling, and purposeful ― Frédéric Laloux

evolution of the Teal organisational model

V, Teal by nature

Teal is a radically new model of organising and collaborating which is:

an organisation of peer relationships
an organisation involving the whole person
an organization that adapts and grows, is not driven

As an growing and evolving community of self-managing peers in which being a whole person is the norm, V forms a natural Teal organisation.

A radically new model of organising and collaborating

The direction of travel is given; the future is not just around the corner― it is already blending into the present. The mode of travel is a traditional one:

“Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Meade

“Be the change you want to see in the world ― Gandhi

As an instrument for leveraging growth from the innovative application of cryptocurrency services, V is a means of creating change and as a naturally-occurring Teal organisation, V can help you become the change.

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About V

Did We Tell You About Our Network?

When we write “Our Network”, we don’t mean, like, “we the authors”, we mean “all of us”. It’s very specifically, even painfully, inclusive. Why? Because of the network effect, a kind of “virtuous spiral” that comes into effect when people align their interests and work together to solve common problems. And working together is something that we need to do more of.

It’s sort of like the old “united we stand, divided we fall” thing, except that we’re a bit fed up with standing around, so we’re giving things a bit of a gentle push on our own account. Right? Good.

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